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Bedeviled Series by Shani Petroff

Bedeviled Series by Shani Petroff

The hilarious, pitch-perfect tale of tween angst and superpowers!

Daddy’s Little Angel (Bedeviled #1)

“Mom always said my dad is the devil. I never knew she meant it literally!” All Angel’s father (a.k.a. the Devil) wants is to be a part of her life. And in return he has the power to give her anything she wants—including popularity and a date with her long-time crush, Cole Daniels. But Angel will only accept him on her terms: get out of the devil business and leave his special powers out of the equation. Is Angel condemning herself to an eternity of lunch at the losers’ table? Or can she and Daddy Dearest strike some kind of deal?

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Dress (Bedeviled #2)

Angel Garret knows two things for sure. The first is that she inherited some of her dad’s powers. The second is that she wreaks havoc whenever she tries to use them – especially when she’s trying to impress her crush, Cole. Angel’s only solution is to stay as far away as possible from him until she learns how to harness this new gift. But how can you manage to avoid someone and get him to ask you to the Turkey Ball at the same time?

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Careful What You Wish For (Bedeviled #3)

All Angel wanted was to help poor nerdy Max break into the popular crowd. But somehow the wires got crossed and she ended up granting all of Gabi’s secret desires instead. Not that Angel has anything against Gabi getting what she wants. It’s just that the things Gabi dreams about—starring in a reality TV show with Angel at her side and dating Angel’s boyfriend, Cole—just happen to be the stuff of Angel’s worst nightmares.

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Love Struck (Bedeviled #4)

In a fit of rage, Angel mistakenly tells her parents to ‘grow up’, and before she knows it, they’re zapped back to their teens and running away together because they’re so in love. Now Angel’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders. Lou Cipher was finally dropping his evil ways, but since he’s back to his teen self, who knows how he’ll choose to use his special powers?

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FREE Download Bedeviled Series by Shani Petroff EPUB [Userscloud]

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